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GODO PUMPS at ThaiWater 2024: Leading Innovation in Water Management Solutions

ThaiWater 2024 recently concluded at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, marking a significant event in Thailand's water management and wastewater technology sector amidst climate challenges. As the premier international exhibition in the region, ThaiWater 2024 showcased cutting-edge technologies and solutions across various sectors, including sewage, rainwater collection, and particle separation. GODO PUMPS, a stalwart in the field for over 30 years, showcased its innovative water pump equipment at ThaiWater 2024. Specializing in industries like new energy, coal mining, and pharmaceuticals, GODO PUMPS engaged with global partners and visitors, demonstrating advanced solutions in diaphragm pumps and sand mill applications.


Optimizing Production: GODO Diaphragm Pumps in Copper Foil Workshops

As the core component of new energy batteries, copper foil has an important impact on the quality and density of new energy lithium batteries. GODO PUMPS successfully provided Mr. Wang's copper foil workshop in Dalian with an efficient and reliable workshop waste liquid diaphragm pump solution.


GODO PUMPS Hosts "Craftsmen Empowerment Initiative" to Drive High-Quality Growth

June 2024 marks the 23rd National Safety Month in China, themed "Safety for All, Emergency Preparedness for Everyone." As part of this important initiative, GODO PUMPS, in collaboration with the Jiaxing County Federation of Trade Unions, hosted the "Craftsmen Empowerment Initiative" at our headquarters in late June. This event aimed to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and enhance safety training, providing a significant boost to our commitment to high-quality development.


New Arrival: GODO QBY4-15 1/2'' PP and PVDF Air-operated Diaphragm Pump

Are you looking for a versatile and reliable solution for transferring various types of liquids, including those that are not easy to flow? The 1/2 inch QBY4-15 PVDF/PP Air-operated  Diaphragm Pump by GODO PUMPS is your ultimate answer, combining the best features of several pumping technologies to deliver outstanding performance in diverse applications.


Efficient Sludge and Wastewater Transfer: GODO Nodular Cast Iron Diaphragm Pump

When transferring sludge and wastewater, the first consideration should be the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the diaphragm pump. Selecting an unsuitable diaphragm pump for your working conditions can significantly shorten its service life and lead to unexpected accidents. Today, we introduce the GODO Nodular Cast Iron Diaphragm Pump, designed to meet the demands of harsh environments.


New Release: GODO PUMPS Launches Advanced Electric Diaphragm Pump with Pressure Relief Controller

New Release: GODO PUMPS Launches Advanced Electric Diaphragm Pump with Pressure Relief Controller We are pleased to introduce the latest Electric Diaphragm Pump with Pressure Relief Controller from GODO PUMPS! This pump is carefully designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries, with excellent and stable performance.


Improving Safety and Efficiency at Chemical Factory with GODO Diaphragm Pumps

Mr. Chen' s factory in Zhejiang, China, specializes in the manufacture and sale of specialized and daily-use chemical products, as well as basic chemical raw materials. Each day, the factory's production lines handle various corrosive chemicals, including nitrous acid and sodium chloride solutions. Traditional pumps often suffer from corrosion, leaks, and failures during prolonged operation, affecting efficiency and posing significant safety risks. To meet increasing business demands, Mr. Chen has invested in a new batch of GODO PUMPS' GODO Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pumps, aiming to improve overall workshop efficiency.


GODO PUMPS Invites Global Clients to Discover Our Manufacturing Excellence

On May 28, GODO PUMPS received two foreign customer representatives at the group headquarters (Bianfeng Group) and conducted an in-depth and comprehensive factory inspection visit. This visit is not only an inspection of our production strength, but also an important milestone for both parties to deepen cooperation and seek the future together.


GODO PUMPS New Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps Launched

GODO PUMPS follows international standards and designs and manufactures new inlet/outlet size pneumatic aluminum alloy lining PVDF diaphragm pumps based on fluid mechanics castings. Hydraulic simulation technology is combined with the process design of non-metallic pumps.  It has high mechanical strength and smooth operation, effectively reducing consumption during material transportation and making the flow rate stronger.


Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future: GODO PUMPS at IFAT Munich Exhibition 2024!

As a mature domestic diaphragm pump manufacturer, GODO PUMPS made a surprise appearance at booth 411-a. With a variety of new diaphragm pump products that accurately target industry characteristics, GODO PUMPS pays attention to the needs of partners in environmental protection industries such as water treatment, attracting many customers to negotiate and cooperate.


GODO Diaphragm Pump Chemical Solutions: Make Transfer Problems Easy

GODO diaphragm pumps have been widely used in the field of new materials in recent years due to their excellent conveying efficiency and reliable working performance. Mr. Sun's new materials company in Anhui, China is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of chemical raw materials and products. Recently, he has a new project that needs to process a large amount of chemical raw materials. The conveying equipment used previously was inefficient and leaked frequently. The project progress suffered many difficulties. obstacle. Mr. Sun contacted GODO PUMPS and wanted to try a diaphragm pump product that he had never used before to complete the delivery task. After detailed analysis of the specific working conditions of the project and completion of model selection, the technical team of GODO PUMPS rushed to the site to carry out the installation work.


GODO PUMPS Helps Customers Efficiently Transfer Chemical Liquids

Recently, Mr. Deng reported that the diaphragm pumps have been used for nearly a year without any major problems, but recently several diaphragm pumps have stopped working. After receiving the feedback, the company immediately sent an after-sales engineer to the customer's factory the next day. After inspection, it was found that the V-ring of the non-working diaphragm pump was worn and the diaphragm was deformed. After finding the cause, the after-sales engineer replaced the damaged V-ring and deformed diaphragm. Other diaphragm pumps were also checked, and those with hidden problems were debugged and maintained.