Chemical Raw Material Transfer


Mr. Wang's chemical plant has several production lines. The raw material line in the loading workshop has the characteristic of high leakage hazards and high risks. It is extremely in demanding of conveying equipment.


In April this year, Mr. Wang contacted us, hoping to get customized solutions for efficient transportation of chemical raw material lines to improve the efficiency of the entire workshop.


After inspecting the work site conditions, GODO PUMPS technical team found that these chemical raw materials with organic compounds and inorganic compounds have various potential unsafe factors:


Firstly, the viscosities of these chemical raw materials are different, it requires a strong working performance to the delivery pump to avoid clogging. However, the entire transport process also needs to be smoother to avoid heating caused by the shear force during transportation in case of safety accidents.


How to balance the relationship between the two factors is the key to this solution.


As an experienced manufacturer, GODO PUMPS designed a variety of pump products of different features with excellent working performance, ensuring working smoothly even under harsh working conditions.


As a reciprocating volumetric pump, the agitation of the material is low, and the material can stand still in a short time, it can reduce the shear force greatly during transportation. Diaphragm pump separates the material from the moving parts of the pump to avoid leakage during operating. Its own structural explosion-proof design makes it safe and reliable to use in flammable and explosive working conditions. The maximum capacity of the particle diameter is 10mm, and the maximum capacity of the viscosity is 10,000cP, which is suitable for conveying various acid-base and mixed materials.


After communicating with details, GODO PUMPS technical team determined an optimization plan for the raw material line with Mr.Wang. In early June, the four chemical raw material production lines in the loading workshop were successfully equipped with GODO diaphragm pumps, which have been running stably up to now.


In future cooperation, GODO PUMPS will continue to adhere to the principles of efficient, safe and stable, making diaphragm pumps a powerful assistant for industries.

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