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What To Do If The Pump Muffler Freezes

One hundred thousand pump knowledge What to do if the pump muffler freezes


GODO Diaphragm Pumps Supporting Filter Press Multi-industry Application Scenarios

As a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and other fields due to its advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and good filtration effect. Faced with different working conditions, filter presses of different sizes have different requirements for the supporting transfer pumps.


GODO Diaphragm Pump Escorts the Safety Production of Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

On June 10, the technical team of GODO PUMPS was invited to Mr. Wu's textile factory to provide suitable solutions for dye transportation in the printing and dyeing workshop.



GODO Manufacturing., Co., Ltd. The main drafting unit of the pneumatic diaphragm pump group standard. China's diaphragm pump industry leader.


What causes head of the water pump to decrease?

This article summarizes 5 reasons for the reduction of pump head for your reference.


How to choose diaphragm pump materials for different industries? Check the selection guidance!

Diaphragm pumps are widely used. At present, the fields of this equipment are widely used in energy, food processing, paint, porcelain glaze, sewage treatment, acid and alkali chemicals, etc. Taking QBY3 series pneumatic diaphragm pump as an example, according to different models, the maximum working flow can be as high as 1041L/min, the maximum head can reach 84m, the optional diameter range is 3/8'' to 5'', and the diameter of the particles that can pass through is 1.5mm to 9.4mm, it is the best choice for conveying and processing in various industries.


6 Steps to Solve Common Problems with Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD)

Air-operated double diaphragm pump (AODD) is an ideal choice for fluid transportation due to its simple design, easy operation and low maintenance cost. To ensure the best performance of the AODD pump, it is necessary to ensure that the pump is installed and operated correctly. If you encounter problems during installation or operation, try these six quick and easy ways to troubleshooting and fix common problems.


Customer Case: QBY3 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps for Distilled Water Transportation


Customer Case: DBY3 series electric diaphragm pump for coating transportation


Customer Case: QBY3 Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Support Smooth Transportation of Industrial Gear Oil


GODO diaphragm pumps enjoy a wonderful Christmas in Russia


Customer Case: Economic Replacement Pump BFD series Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump