Petrochemical Industry Transfer Solution


As an efficient and reliable fluid transfer equipment, diaphragm pumps are widely used in the petrochemical industry. Mr. He from Jiangsu Province has a new petrochemical project that needs to process a large amount of chemical raw liquid. The previous transfer equipment was inefficient and leaked frequently. The project is facing transfer problems.


In February this year, Mr. He contacted GODO PUMPS and wanted to try to use diaphragm pump to complete the transfer task. After completing the selection according to the project conditions, GODO's technicians immediately set off to the project site for installation work.


The chemical raw liquid transferred in this project is slightly corrosive and has the characteristics of on-site working conditions with strong leakage hazards and high risks. GODO PUMPS BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pump showed good working performance during installation and field testing:


Firstly, the BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pump has strong transfer capacity and can complete the transfer tasks of chemical raw liquid in designated process efficiently;


Secondly, the BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pump has no rotating parts and no shaft seal. The diaphragm separates the moving parts of the pump from the transferred medium completely with no leakage;


Finally, the BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pump is powered by air compressor. There will be no sparks when transferring chemical raw liquid. The entire pump is safe and explosion-proof. The solid and durable stainless steel pump body is also very suitable for this open-air working condition to work for a long time.


The BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pump also has the characteristics of simple disassembly and assembly and easy maintenance, which can reduce operation and maintenance costs. During the test, GODOs technical staff conducted on-site training on the operation and maintenance of diaphragm pumps. The staff have learned ways of disassembly and assembly of the diaphragm pump, dealing with common problems, replacement of worn parts, and the skills of regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the diaphragm pump can always operate in good condition.


Mr. He was satisfied with the on-site performance of the BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pumps and made large-scale purchases.

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