Application Scenario

Industrial Equipment Cleaning

By using diaphragm pump as the driving source of industrial equipment cleaning, Mr. Xu successfully solved the problem of pipeline cleaning, improved the cleaning efficiency, and extended the service life of enterprise industrial equipment.

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Chemical Stock Solution Transfer

In August this year, GODO PUMPS successfully provided customized transportation schemes for pharmaceutical chemical stock solution transportation.

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International Pump Replacement

The environmental project originally used international hose pumps, each hose pump often up to more than CNY 200,000, so that the cost of the whole project greatly increased. So in the preparation of the new project, it plans to purchase a batch of China diaphragm pumps that can achieve the expected efficiency for replacement. After understanding the on-site working conditions, the technical staff of GODO PUMPS work with Chinalco Design Institute to jointly overcome the problem of complex slurry working conditions!

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Acid Material Transportation

Acid materials are often corrosive, the pump in long-term contact with acid materials, will be subject to different degrees of erosion, resulting in pump damage or material leakage, leakage of strong acid materials will even threaten the safety of personnel and property.

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Cooperative Clients

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