Main Product

GODO PUMPS is specialized in diaphragm pumps, widely used in the chemical industry, environmental protection, oil, petrochemical, new energy, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, mining, paper, electricity, printing and dyeing fields.

Application Scenario

Petrochemical Industry Transfer Solution

As an efficient and reliable fluid transfer equipment, diaphragm pumps are widely used in the petrochemical industry. Mr. He from Jiangsu Province has a new petrochemical project that needs to process a large amount of chemical raw liquid. The previous transfer equipment was inefficient and leaked frequently. The project is facing transfer problems.

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Chemical Raw Fluid Transfer

Mr. Wang's chemical plant has several production lines. The raw material line in the loading workshop has the characteristic of high leakage hazards and high risks. It is extremely in demanding of conveying equipment.

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Industrial Equipment Cleaning

By using diaphragm pump as the driving source of industrial equipment cleaning, Mr. Xu successfully solved the problem of pipeline cleaning, improved the cleaning efficiency, and extended the service life of enterprise industrial equipment.

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Chemical Stock Solution Transfer

In August this year, GODO PUMPS successfully provided customized transportation schemes for pharmaceutical chemical stock solution transfer.

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