Pharmaceutical Intermediate Delivery


This case is analyzed by the delivery scheme of pharmaceutical intermediates of a customer. In the processing procedure of this process section, the materials transported are mostly chemical raw materials or chemical products.


Difficulties in Process Section



In this process, some of the chemically unstable fluids have the following distinguishing characteristics:

  1. Methanol and ethanol are easy to heat up due to agitation in the transportation process, thus affecting their corrosion and increasing safety risks.
  2. Conveying materials all contain high concentration, high viscosity, corrosive and other characteristics.
  3. Methanol and ethanol are inflammable materials, which require high safety performance of conveying equipment.

GODO PUMPS Delivery Scheme

GDXQ Series Special Pump for New Energy Lithium Battery


GDXQ-25P                                                       GDXQ-40P


◼GDXQ series adapts to the transport of various raw materials and chemicals. When dealing with high concentration material, stainless steel pump body is undoubtedly the best choice of conveying equipment.

◼The low shear characteristics of the new energy lithium special pump minimize the physical impact of the transportation process on the fluid, and transporting unstable fluid will not overheat, so it is perfectly qualified for the sensitive material transportation task.

◼GDXQ series adopts compressed air as power source for safe and reliable operation.



As an important industry in the field of fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical has become the focus of development and competition in recent ten years. With the progress of science and technology, many medicines have been developed continuously, the synthesis of these medicines depends on the production of new high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates, and how to efficiently and stably transport these pharmaceutical intermediates has become the basic guarantee for the sustainable and rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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