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GODO PUMPS On IFAT Munich 2024!

As a mature domestic diaphragm pump manufacturer, GODO PUMPS made a surprise appearance at booth 411-a. With a variety of new diaphragm pump products that accurately target industry characteristics, GODO PUMPS pays attention to the needs of partners in environmental protection industries such as water treatment, attracting many customers to negotiate and cooperate.


GODO PUMPS On ASIAWATER 2024 in Malaysia

As a mature diaphragm pump manufacturer in China, GODO PUMPS made a surprise appearance at booth H113. With a variety of new diaphragm pump products that accurately target industry characteristics, GODO PUMPS pays attention to the needs of partners in the water treatment industry and attracts many customers to discuss and cooperate.


GODO PUMPS On Middle East Coatings Show 2024 in Dubai!

GODO PUMPS At The Exhibition As a mature domestic diaphragm pump manufacturer, GODO PUMPS made a surprise appearance at booth Z4F189. GODO PUMPS has attracted the attention and demand of coating industry partners with its multiple new diaphragm pump products that accurately target industry characteristics.


GODO Electric Diaphragm Pump is Newly Upgraded!

GODO PUMPS shockingly unveiled a new generation of innovative diaphragm pump technology products! Automatically detect pressure abnormalities, automatically stop, intelligently identify the cause of the fault, protect the motor from damage, and achieve continuous pressure suppression.


3 · 15 GODO PUMPS Stand Up for Consumer Rights!

As a material conveying equipment widely used in many industries, diaphragm pumps' quality and performance are related to the safety, stability and efficiency of the entire production line. The purchase of a diaphragm pump is not only a matter of trust in the company's technical level, but also a defense of one's own rights and interests.Today, we will discuss the application scenarios and quality identification methods of diaphragm pumps with GODO PUMPS to safeguard the common rights and interests of us and GODO PUMPS' customers.


GODO PUMPS Women's Power —— International Women's Day

GODO PUMPS is celebrating International Women's Day and creating a romantic and warm festive atmosphere to uphold their corporate vision of "create a platform for entrepreneurship and dream realization." On the occasion of the 114th International Women's Day, GODO PUMPS is organizing the Women's Day welfare giveaway activity. This initiative aims to extend holiday greetings to female employees who have been steadfast in their roles and have made significant contributions to the prosperity and progress of the GODO PUMPS.


GODO PUMPS is busy with production after Chinese New Year!

On the morning of February 18th, the first morning meeting of each department of GODO PUMPS after the new year kicked off the new year's work. From contacting customers, order processing, stocking and packaging diaphragm pumps, loading and shipping, everyone in the company performs their duties and devotes themselves to their jobs with enthusiasm to serve customers and promote the development of diaphragm pumps in the new year!


The 2023 Annual Meeting Ceremony of GODO PUMPS was successfully held!

Summarize and say goodbye to the old year, and get ready to welcome the new year. At the end of January, 2024, the "GODO PUMPS 2023 Annual Meeting Ceremony" was grandly held at the Bianfeng machinery group (GODO PUMPS headquarter). GODO PUMPS members from all departments of the group gathered together to participate in the ceremony and say goodbye to 2023. Open a new chapter of high-quality development in 2024.


GODO PUMPS’s 2023 Keywords Review

Farewell to the old year, everything is renewed Looking back on 2023, all GODO PUMPS members will never forget their original aspirations Chase the light and dreams with a high-spirited attitude Precious moments frame after frame The sonorous footsteps of forging ahead over and over again Let’s write every stroke of 2023


GODO PUMPS Overseas Branches Participated in Headquarter’s Training

Recently, partners from the overseas branch traveled thousands of miles to the GODO PUMPS headquarter to participate in the group's product knowledge training, so as to develop new work ideas, exchange and learn from advanced management models, deepen the understanding of the headquarters' development scale and corporate culture, and exchange experiences in product marketing, business operations and technology applications. The branch members received a warm welcome and reception from the whole group.


2024 Annual Commencement for Outstanding Achievement Held in GODO PUMPS

On December 23, 2023, GODO PUMPS 2024 Annual Commencement for Outstanding Achievement was held at the group headquarter. The theme of the commencement is "Flying Dreams, Starting an Advance", and the purpose is to "Honoring Outstanding Achievements and Sounding the Charge Horn".


International Customers Experience Excellence In GODO PUMPS

At the beginning of December, the GODO PUMPS Manufacturing Center welcomed a new batch of overseas customers to inspect the factory. The Chairman of GODO PUMPS Group and GODO International Business Department warmly received the guests. The customers who came to inspect the factory this time were introduced by customers who completed transactions with GODO PUMPS, hoping to find suitable diaphragm pump products to replace the pumps they are currently using.