GODO PUMPS at ThaiWater 2024: Leading Innovation in Water Management Solutions


ThaiWater 2024 recently concluded at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, marking a significant event in Thailand's water management and wastewater technology sector amidst climate challenges. As the premier international exhibition in the region, ThaiWater 2024 showcased cutting-edge technologies and solutions across various sectors, including sewage, rainwater collection, and particle separation.


GODO PUMPS Highlights

GODO PUMPS, a stalwart in the field for over 30 years, showcased its innovative water pump equipment at ThaiWater 2024. Specializing in industries like new energy, coal mining, and pharmaceuticals, GODO PUMPS engaged with global partners and visitors, demonstrating advanced solutions in diaphragm pumps and sand mill applications.

Customer Engagement and Partnerships

At the ThaiWater exhibition, GODO PUMPS attracted numerous international clients, offering detailed consultations on diaphragm pump applications, efficiency, and procurement. Many expressed keen interest in future collaborations and planned visits to GODO PUMPS' production facilities post-event.

Advantages of GODO PUMPS

GODO PUMPS presented a range of specialized pumps including those for new energy lithium batteries diaphragm pumps, A&O Special Pump for Sand Mill, Large flow diaphragm pumps, and Mine Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump. These products garnered significant attention, receiving accolades from existing customers and emerging as star exhibits.

Known for reliability, low noise, and versatile applications, GODO Air-operated Diaphragm Pumps use compressed air for positive displacement, accommodating both flowing and non-flowing media. Meanwhile, GODO Electric Diaphragm Pumps, driven by advanced cycloidal pinwheel reducers, excel in industries like petrochemicals and metallurgy.

Looking Ahead

As GODO PUMPS prepares for EcwaTech 2024 on September 10, the focus remains on unveiling new products and innovative solutions for sewage and water treatment resources. With a commitment to integrity, innovation, and sustainable development since 1990, GODO PUMPS continues to lead in material transportation across diverse industries.

For more information on GODO PUMPS' offerings and future events, contact us [GODO PUMPS].