GODO PUMPS Hosts "Craftsmen Empowerment Initiative" to Drive High-Quality Growth



Safety Production Month

June 2024 marks the 23rd National Safety Month in China, themed "Safety for All, Emergency Preparedness for Everyone." As part of this important initiative, GODO PUMPS, in collaboration with the Jiaxing County Federation of Trade Unions, hosted the "Craftsmen Empowerment Initiative" at our headquarters in late June. This event aimed to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and enhance safety training, providing a significant boost to our commitment to high-quality development.


Celebrating Craftsmanship

GODO PUMPS was honored to welcome distinguished guests including leaders from the Jiaxing County Federation of Trade Unions and various local unions, as well as Mr. Zhao Kongjin, Chairman of Jiaxing Zhao’s Buttons Co., and Mr. Li Feiwei, Deputy Director of Jiaxing Hengchuang Electric Power Co. As esteemed "Model Workers," Mr. Zhao and Mr. Li brought their extensive experience and dedication to craftsmanship to our employees.

Mr. Zhao shared his entrepreneurial journey and the four pillars of craftsmanship: dedication, precision, focus, and innovation. His inspiring story and commitment to these principles serve as a beacon for continuous effort and excellence.


Enhancing Safety Standards

Mr. Li provided an insightful presentation on electrical safety in both daily life and production environments. He highlighted common safety oversights such as touching electrical appliances with wet hands, not replacing aging wires, and overloading sockets. In the context of production, he emphasized critical safety points: proper operation of electrical equipment, regular maintenance and inspection, correct use of personal protective equipment, and emergency response measures.

The event also featured an interactive Q&A session, fostering an engaging atmosphere and reinforcing safety awareness among employees. By adhering to safety protocols and enhancing operational standards, we aim to create a secure production environment, ensuring product quality and promoting high-quality development.


Commitment to Excellence

At GODO PUMPS, we are dedicated to driving high-quality growth through the principles of craftsmanship and safety. Our participation in National Safety Month and the success of the "Craftsmen Empowerment Initiative" underscore our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

We invite you to join us on this journey towards higher standards and greater achievements.