Improving Safety and Efficiency at Chemical Factory with GODO Diaphragm Pumps



Mr. Chen' s factory in Zhejiang, China, specializes in the manufacture and sale of specialized and daily-use chemical products, as well as basic chemical raw materials. Each day, the factory's production lines handle various corrosive chemicals, including nitrous acid and sodium chloride solutions. Traditional pumps often suffer from corrosion, leaks, and failures during prolonged operation, affecting efficiency and posing significant safety risks.

To meet increasing business demands, Mr. Chen has invested in a new batch of GODO PUMPS' GODO Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pumps, aiming to improve overall workshop efficiency.


During the on-site commissioning process, the GODO PUMPS technical team was actively involved in every step, from pump selection and installation to employee training, ensuring seamless integration. Based on the site-specific conditions, they recommended installing Pneumatic FRL ( Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump and FRL System: Enhancing Performance and Longevity ). These pneumatic FRL filter moisture and impurities from the air, reduce muffler icing, and lubricate air valve chamber components, thereby reducing wear and extending the lifespan of the parts.

GODO PUMPS Pneumatic FRL also allow real-time monitoring of air inlet pressure, making it easy to observe the pump's operating status. This feature enables immediate adjustments in case of abnormalities, significantly enhancing maintenance response speed and efficiency.

After completing the on-site commissioning and installation, the GODO diaphragm pumps quickly showcased their reliable performance.

  • GODO diaphragm pumps made from 316L stainless steel, the pump bodies effectively resist corrosion when transporting corrosive chemicals such as nitrous acid and sodium chloride solutions.
  • GODO PUMPS internal diaphragm isolates the transfered liquid from the pump's moving parts, maintaining stable flow and pressure even under high-intensity continuous operation, significantly reducing downtime caused by equipment failures.


Implementing this batch of GODO stainless steel diaphragm pumps has resolved frequent leakage and maintenance issues in Mr. Chen’s workshop. The factory's production efficiency has significantly improved, with downtime for maintenance reduced by about 70% each month. This substantial reduction in labor and maintenance costs has delivered tangible economic benefits, helping Mr. Chen’s factory take a major step towards a safer and more efficient production model.

By integrating GODO diaphragm pumps, Mr. Chen' s Zhejiang factory sets a new standard in the chemical manufacturing industry, ensuring both operational efficiency and workplace safety.