GODO PUMPS New Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps Launched


GODO PUMPS follows international standards and designs and manufactures new inlet/outlet size pneumatic aluminum alloy lining PVDF diaphragm pumps based on fluid mechanics castings. Hydraulic simulation technology is combined with the process design of non-metallic pumps.  It has high mechanical strength and smooth operation, effectively reducing consumption during material transportation and making the flow rate stronger.

Good resistance and more durable:

  • Temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
  • Performance is better than fluorine plastic PVDF.
  • Suitable for most strong acid and alkali liquids such as sulfur, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid, etc.

Excellent workmanship and safer to use:

  • The inner lining has no air holes and no burrs.
  • Even thickness, not easy to fall off.
  • Surface spraying process, metal shell is durable and wear-resistant.


 BFQ Series Large Flow Diaphragm Pump 

BFQCF-80(3'' Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size with 1041 L/min

BFQCF-50(2'' Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size with 568  L/min

        BFQCF-40(1-1/4'' Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size with 378.5  L/min

BFQCF-25 (1'' Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size with 116  L/min


Take BFQCF-80 as an example


Pump Material Aluminum Alloy Lining PVDF

Max. Flow Rate (L/min)


Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size (in)

DN80 (3'')

Max. Head (m)

84 Air Inlet Size (in) 3/4'' G (bspp)

Max. Suction Height (m)

5.48 Max. Particle Size (mm) 9.4

Max. Working Pressure (bar)

8.4 Air Comsumption (m3/min) 0.67