Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future: GODO PUMPS at IFAT Munich Exhibition 2024!



  • IFAT Munich 2024

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

IFAT Munich is a solution platform, networking event and knowledge hub. It brings together the most important international industry representatives from politics, business and science. And it offers exciting ideas and innovative solutions for industrial and municipal challenges. Find out here why it is still worth a visit: reasons for the No. 1 environmental technology trade fair, reasons for the waste & recycling sector, reasons for the water & sewage sector.

Digitalization, recycling, drinking water supply, climate resilience, municipal technology - these and other industry topics will be the focus of IFAT Munich 2024. What challenges need to be overcome? What opportunities will be made possible? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you on site. Sustainable together for a green future!


  • GODO PUMPS At The Exhibition

As a mature domestic diaphragm pump manufacturer, GODO PUMPS made a surprise appearance at booth 411-a. With a variety of new diaphragm pump products that accurately target industry characteristics, GODO PUMPS pays attention to the needs of partners in environmental protection industries such as water treatment, attracting many customers to negotiate and cooperate.

With the development of the world, the acceleration of global integration, the integration of the world economy, domestic and foreign trade and export transactions have become closer. The GODO PUMPS team appeared at the exhibition to discuss the development trends and technical solutions of the environmental protection industry with customers. Many visitors to the GODO PUMPS booth for the first time said that they were very much looking forward to using diaphragm pumps for processing and delivery, and hoped to use a new delivery method to improve the efficiency of the entire environmental protection industry.




This exhibition is an important part of GODO PUMPS's efforts to accelerate the layout of overseas markets along the "Belt and Road" and enhance the overseas competitiveness of domestic diaphragm pumps. Relying on more than 30 years of experience and technology accumulation, the company has independently developed a variety of pressure-resistant electric diaphragm pumps, large size fluorine-lined diaphragm pumps, sanitary diaphragm pumps, and special pumps for sand mills, which accurately target industry characteristics and meet the needs of specific working conditions. industry-specific pumps, providing innovative pumping solutions to customers in different industries in different countries. At the exhibition, many foreign customers who also came from afar were attracted by GODO PUMPS products, stopped for consultation and expressed their strong willingness to cooperate with factory inspections.

Q/DBY3 Series Third generation diaphragm pump

BFQ/D Series Large flow diaphragm pump

Q/DBW Series Sanitary diaphragm pump

BP/GD Spraying pump

A&O Special Pump for Sand Mill

GDXQ/D Special Pump for New Energy Lithium Battery