GODO Diaphragm Pump Chemical Solutions: Make Transfer Problems Easy



  • Practical Problems

GODO diaphragm pumps have been widely used in the field of new materials in recent years due to their excellent conveying efficiency and reliable working performance. Mr. Sun's new materials company in Anhui, China is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of chemical raw materials and products. Recently, he has a new project that needs to process a large amount of chemical raw materials. The conveying equipment used previously was inefficient and leaked frequently. The project progress suffered many difficulties. obstacle. Mr. Sun contacted GODO PUMPS and wanted to try a diaphragm pump product that he had never used before to complete the delivery task. After detailed analysis of the specific working conditions of the project and completion of model selection, the technical team of GODO PUMPS rushed to the site to carry out the installation work.


  • Solve Problems

The chemical raw liquid in this project is slightly corrosive, has the characteristics of on-site working conditions with strong leakage hazards and high risks, and has extremely high requirements for the sealing performance of the transportation equipment. GODO diaphragm pumps demonstrated excellent performance during installation and field testing.


◼ GODO diaphragm pump has strong transportation capacity and can efficiently complete the transportation task of chemical raw liquid in the designated process section.
◼ Secondly, GODO diaphragm pump has no rotating parts and no shaft seal. The diaphragm completely separates the moving parts of the pump from the conveying medium, so it will not leak out when conveying chemical raw liquid.
◼ The last thing is the safety of the pump. The GODO diaphragm pump is powered by air source. There will be no sparks when transporting chemical raw liquid. The whole pump is safe and explosion-proof. The solid and durable stainless steel pump body is also very suitable for this part of the open-air working conditions. Work for a long time.


In addition, GODO diaphragm pumps are also easy to disassemble and maintain, effectively reducing enterprise operation and maintenance costs. During the test, GODO PUMPS technicians conducted on-site training on the operation and maintenance of GODO diaphragm pumps. They not only explained the disassembly and assembly knowledge of the pump in detail, but also taught on-site work skills on common troubleshooting and replacement of worn parts. personnel to ensure that Mr. Sun’s company can independently conduct regular inspections and maintenance to maintain the peak operation of the diaphragm pump.

The outstanding performance of GODO diaphragm pumps in practical applications has won high recognition from Mr. Sun, and they have been purchased in large quantities in new projects.