Revolutionizing Pumping Technology: Introducing the Upgraded GODO Electric Diaphragm Pump


GODO PUMPS shockingly unveiled a new generation of innovative diaphragm pump technology products! On the road of constant pursuit of excellence and technological innovation, GODO PUMPS uses its ingenious design concept and superior technology to give GODO diaphragm pumps an unprecedented performance leap.


◼ Pressure suppression phenomenon of electric pump

If the electric diaphragm pump works at full load for a long time without effective pressure regulation or shutdown protection, the pressure of the fluid in the diaphragm pump will continue to increase and cause pressure suppression.

The power source of the electric diaphragm pump is its own motor, which cannot automatically stop. Therefore, when the electric diaphragm pump is under pressure, it will often lead to problems such as diaphragm rupture, pump body deformation, seal failure, motor overload, and bearing damage, causing serious economic losses to users and even causing safety accidents. The pressure holding problem of electric diaphragm pumps has become an important bottleneck restricting the rapid development of enterprises.

◼ New product equipped with intelligent control system
Automatically detect pressure abnormalities, automatically stop, intelligently identify the cause of the fault, protect the motor from damage, and achieve continuous pressure suppression. When the pressure is normal, it will automatically return to working status.



◼ Limited Time and Limited Sale

The newly upgraded GODO Electric Diaphragm Pump will be officially launched for public testing from now on, with a limited edition of 100 units. The GODO PUMPS' technical team will provide full tracking services and provide technical support. For specific product model parameters, please consult online.


The content of this product release covers the positioning, core advantages, working principle and structure of the new product, application scenarios, performance comparison of different series of products, etc., and guides on-site personnel to form a conceptual and systematic understanding of GODO diaphragm pump products. Deepen everyone's understanding of the application scenarios of diaphragm pumps. We look forward to the excellent performance of this product in practical applications and bringing real value improvements to more corporate customers!

This new product release has effectively promoted the upgrading of technical service levels within the GODO PUMPS and will help us occupy a favorable position in market competition. In the future, GODO PUMPS will continue to pay attention to industry trends and technological innovations, continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity and innovation, sustainable and development" to bring better and more competitive products and services to customers.