Good news! GODO PUMPS mining diaphragm pump obtains CMAC certification


Recently, BQG series mining pneumatic diaphragm pumps, a special diaphragm pump product for the coal mining industry owned by GODO Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(GODO PUMPS), successfully passed the CMAC mark certification, further enhancing the industry influence of GODO diaphragm pumps in the coal mining field.

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CMAC mark certification is the first voluntary certification exploration carried out by the Safety Standard National Center in the field of domestic mining products based on the "China Safety Standard" brand. It is an internationally accepted quality certification model. CMAC mark certification focuses on mining equipment functions, quality and other indicators that directly reflect product characteristics. It aims to improve the quality of mining products, enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing companies, and help Chinese manufacturing "go global" further.

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GODO Diaphragm Pump has been committed to the research and development of new fluid transportation equipment in recent years, focusing on precision and intelligent manufacturing. The newly launched multiple pump products are precisely targeted at industry characteristics and meet the needs of specific working conditions. GODO BQG series mining pneumatic diaphragm pump has a flexible and portable pump body. The pump contains no electronic components and does not produce sparks during operation. It is suitable for almost all forms of drainage work in mining, including for coal and soft/hard rock. , underground, open-pit, dredging and in-situ mining processes of precious metals (such as nickel, copper, gold, silver), phosphates and diamonds.


In the future, GODO PUMS will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, and sustainable development", insist on in-depth cultivation in the field of diaphragm pump subdivisions, strengthen R&D strength and investment on the product side, and allow Chinese diaphragm pump technology to benefit all walks of life in various countries.