GODO PUMPS Overseas Branches Participated in Headquarter’s Training



Recently, partners from the overseas branch traveled thousands of miles to the GODO PUMPS headquarter to participate in the group's product knowledge training, so as to develop new work ideas, exchange and learn from advanced management models, deepen the understanding of the headquarters' development scale and corporate culture, and exchange experiences in product marketing, business operations and technology applications. The branch members received a warm welcome and reception from the whole group.


During the training process, the partners from the branch visited the headquarter pump museum, diaphragm pump workshop, employee activity center, conference office and other areas of the company. While gaining a deeper understanding of GODO PUMPS development history and corporate culture. The working environment is also highly praised by everyone. They also learned about the characteristics of the Canal Towns in Southern China.




The group organized multiple product trainings including diaphragm pumps and supporting products, shared many successful cases and experiences in pre-sales, sales, and after-sales, and provided practical business operation guides to branch partners. After the training, everyone came to the workshop to study the raw material selection, automated turning and milling, assembly, testing and other aspects of the diaphragm pump production process, the semi-automatic production line with human-machine collaboration and the high standards with strict quality control of GODO diaphragm pump. The measures received unanimous praise from everyone. Although the product competition among overseas markets is becoming more and more fierce, the headquarter's efficient and advanced management, marketing, and development of models still give everyone confidence in the next year.


This training has strengthened the ties between GODO PUMPS headquarter and overseas branches. GODO diaphragm pumps will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, and sustainable development" in the future, following the national "One Belt, One Road" strategy, and cooperate with customers around the world. The GODO members will jointly promoting the healthy development of China's diaphragm pump industry.