2024 Annual Commencement for Outstanding Achievement Held in GODO PUMPS



On December 23, 2023, GODO PUMPS 2024 Annual Commencement for Outstanding Achievement was held at the GODO PUMPS headquarter. The theme of the commencement is "Flying Dreams, Starting an Advance", and the purpose is to "Honoring Outstanding Achievements and Sounding the Charge Horn". Group chairman Mr. Wang, marketing center, International department, aluminum die-casting department, new materials department, scavenger department and other departments with a total of more than 180 people participated in the meeting, the whole meeting atmosphere was warm, with thunderous applause, Chairman Wang redefined the standard of success to everyone at the meeting.



Then, Mr. Wang, the Group's director of operations, led everyone to look forward to the future development direction of the Group and expounded the Group's 2024 Annual Operating Plan. Staff were encouraged to lay a solid foundation, to implement the "Kunpeng Plan" of the Group, to build a good team and system under the guidance of the group company, to promote the continuous upgrading of the GODO brand, and to create greater value for customers.

Mr. Yu, vice president of the marketing center of the Group, published the annual plan of the marketing center to determine the annual battle plan of the diaphragm pump department in 2024, so that the market share of GODO diaphragm pumps can reach a new level. Then each person in charge of departments announced their 2024 annual business plan and marketing strategy of their respective departments.


The meeting commended the excellent combat teams and individuals in 2023, and the award certificate was issued by Chairman Wang of the group to encourage all members to own their value and shine in their respective positions. Then, the Group carried out a new round of personnel appointments, injecting new momentum into the development of the Group for the next year.

After the award session, the leaders of each department made a military order on the stage, which aimed at leading their teams to achieve an outstanding achievement, showing the spirit of GODO members marching forward, not afraid of difficulties and hardships. With everyone's ambition, drinking a cup of wine, handing in hand for a colorful tomorrow, making the atmosphere to the peak.


Near the end of the meeting, the chief operating officer Wang recited Li Bai's poem"Hard Is the Way of the World", telling everyone that "A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves, I’ll set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea which raves." life is not always smooth, no matter how rough and dangerous the road ahead will be, will eventually be to the destination.