China Coat Exhibition 2023: GODO Diaphragm Pump Explores Coat transfer


China Coat 2023

From November 15th to 17th, a feast of the coating industry - the 2023 China International Coat Exhibition  was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. GODO Diaphragm Pump and more than 1,040 exhibitors from 31 countries/regions around the world gathered together, exhibiting the development of the world coating industry in recent years which is environmentally friendly, scientific, intelligent, and automatic.




With the popularity of domestic brands in recent years and the practice of "One Belt, One Road" to build a community with a shared future for mankind, "Made in China" has stood at a new historical starting point. At this moment, we are closer to the cutting-edge of pump technology than ever before.


GODO has been deeply involved in the domestic diaphragm pump industry for decades, and has the courage to accept the challenges of the era of high-quality, bringing more environmentally friendly, economical and efficient coating transportation and filling solutions to customers with different demands.




2023 Beijing Water Treatment Exhibition Preview

The 2023 Beijing Water Treatment Exhibition will be held from November 20-22nd. As a large-scale water treatment business exchange platform in North China, Beijing Water Treatment Exhibition has an area of 22,000 square meters and brings together nearly 600 exhibitors.


GODO PUMPS, as a leader brand in the diaphragm pumps industry in China, was invited to participate in the exhibition again. GODO's water transportation solutions with diaphragm pumps have benefited more than 30 provinces and cities domestic and many countries and regions overseas, providing efficient and reliable pumping technology applications for all walks of life.


At this exhibition, GODO PUMPS will showcase new diaphragm pump products that are accurately targeted at industry characteristics, helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and upgrade production lines!


GODO Booth: 2H140