What To Do If The Diaphragm Pump Muffler Freezes


Video Showcase:What To Do If The Diaphragm Pump Muffler Freezes

Pneumatic F. R. L

The best partner for diaphragm pump muffler from freezing

Instructions for using pneumatic F.R.L

When we usually use pneumatic F.R.L, we should pay special attention to the following points:

1. The pneumatic F.R.L is shipped without engine oil. Please add engine oil before installing and using it. The small knob on the lubricating oil cup can adjust the amount of oil injection. It is appropriate to drip 2-3 drops per minute.

2. Depending on the frequency of use, refill the oil in time before the oil level drops below the minimum line. When refueling, you need to turn off the air source and remove the pressure from the pipeline to prevent oil from spraying out.

3. The pneumatic F.R.L has an automatic drainage function and will automatically drain when the pressure is relieved. If the pneumatic F.R.L is in a pressure environment for a long time, manual drainage is required before exceeding the maximum water storage line (the metal button under the water cup is pushed upward).

Installing a GODO PUMPS' pneumatic F.R.L can not only facilitate the observation of the air inlet pressure and achieve real-time adjustment, but also filter moisture and impurities in the air. Correct use of the pneumatic F.R.L can effectively reduce the occurrence of freezing in the muffler and lubricate the valve chamber, reducing wear and extending component life.