The First Half of 2023 Work Meeting of GODO PUMPS Was Successfully Concluded


On July 22, the first half of 2023 work meeting of Bianfeng Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (headquarters of GODO PUMPS) was successfully held. With the theme of "People with lofty aspirations have lofty goals to become a ten-billion enterprise", this meeting summarized and reviewed the work achievements of the first half of the year, studied and deployed key measures in the second half of the year, mobilized all staff to unify the work idea, clear the task, pay close attention to the implementation, and pointed out the direction for the smooth development of the work in the second half of the year. Mr. Wang Shengshuang, chairman of the GODO PUMPS, the GODO PUMPS' various platforms and departments of the leadership team and all departments of the staff attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Mr. Wang Shengshuang, chairman of the board, reviewed the work in the first half of the year. He pointed out that in recent years, GODO PUMPS has made every effort to strengthen innovation drive, continue to deepen structural adjustment, and accelerate the pace of the company's digital transformation. And encourage everyone closely around the company's "integrity, innovation, sustainable development" business philosophy, firmly "create a platform for entrepreneurship, a platform to realize the dream" corporate vision, and strive to achieve the annual development goals, for the GODO PUMPS' strategic development process add fire!


Mr. Wang said: "The GODO PUMPS' rapid development has not come easily. With the joint efforts of all staff, we have achieved transcendence again and again. Now the GODO PUMPS once again set a new goal, I believe that 5 years later can still achieve! The average age of our company is 25 years old, which is a good time for a person to be full of vigor and youth. Three years of hard work, a happy life, three years of hard work, a glorious life!"

In combination with the actual work of the department, the person in charge of each center (department) reported the completion of the work tasks in the first half of the year, pointed out the shortcomings and shortcomings, and put forward the work ideas in the second half of the year, and fully promoted the realization of the annual work goals, showing the good spirit of the GODO PUMPS people to continue to move forward and fight for the lead! 

At the meeting, at the same time, the outstanding individuals who performed well in the first half of the work were commended, the company's leaders personally issued certificates and bonuses, advanced personal representatives made statements, told their personal feelings, and expressed their confidence and determination to compete for excellence.


The interactive game session arranged in the meeting will burn the whole atmosphere to the boiling point. Face tearing plastic wrap, wearing pants empty-handed, twerking master and other games are lively and interesting, small friends compete with opponents on the same stage with the beat of music, exaggerated body movements, gradually releasing themselves, laughing, hilarious. Surprising prizes such as intelligent high-definition drones and sweeping robots were awarded at the scene.

In the second half of 2023, GODO PUMPS will continue to work hard, closely adhere to the main axis of GODO PUMPS "integrity innovation, sustainable development", with a broader vision and long-term goals, pragmatic responsibility, courage and perseverance, continue to promote the indicators to a new level, proud of the tide in the arduous journey, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of enterprises!