Exhibition Review: GODO PUMPS on ENVEX Seoul Exhibition 2023


From June 7 to 9, the 44th Asia (Korea) International Environmental Protection and Water Treatment Exhibition (ENVEX) was held at the COEX International Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea. As one of the oldest enterprises in the diaphragm pump industry in China, GODO PUMPS and thousands of environmental protection companies around the world gathered at this exhibition, taking this international platform to bring its innovative water treatment equipment to the world to showcase the new pumping technology from China, which received a large number of participants' attention.  


In recent years, GODO PUMPS has always focused on the field of environmental protection sewage treatment, and has provided and improved sewage treatment solutions for nearly 10,000 global customers.In product research and development, GODO PUMPS continue to carry out technological innovation, break through the traditional transferring sewage, and provide a new transferring experience for environmental protection treatment; At the same time, with a sound marketing service system, in the product selection, troubleshooting, after-sales maintenance and other service stages, to provide peace of mind, warm, happy comprehensive and meticulous customer service, for the global green development of the code to help! 

At the exhibition, many customers were very interested in GODO PUMPS' innovative pumping technology. GODO PUMPS third generation diaphragm pump QBY3/DBY3 Series Diaphragm Pumps, as classic star products, have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of sewage treatment. In the face of mud-water mixture with a large number of particles and fibrous media, or industrial wastewater with mixed components and corrosion, it can easily complete the transfer work, effectively avoiding blockage, leakage, and serious wear of the pump body.


At the GODO PUMPS booth, many customers expressed a strong willingness to cooperate, from the technical advantages of transferring to the field of application, and discussed with our staff in detail. Some of them are old friends, old customers who have been purchasing GODO PUMPS for many years, and even new customers who have been on-site factory inspection. The romance and joy of meeting old friends in a foreign country are beyond words.


Through this exhibition, GODO PUMPS actively showcases its technological innovation results to various industries in the world, exchanges and learns from international advanced environmental protection enterprises' experience in sewage treatment, broadens the international market for GODO PUMPS itself, expands new areas of cooperation with various industries, and continues to take "going global" as its development strategy to continuously cultivate its technological research and development strength. Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to achieve global market expansion.

Video Showcase:GODO PUMPS Interview on ENVEX 2023.