Customer Case: QBY3 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps for Distilled Water Transportation



Industrial distilled water is widely used in medicine, industry and scientific experiments. Because of its high industrial cost, the requirements for conveying equipment are very strict. The QBY3 series diaphragm pump of GODO PUMPS is the ideal choice for treating distilled water.

Customer Field Application Scheme

QBY3-80 Nodular Cast Iron Material

QBY3-80 Stainless Steel Material

QBY3 series third generation pneumatic diaphragm pump, combined with many advantages of self-priming pump, shielding pump, submersible pump, mud pump and impurity pump and other transport machinery, is durable and the passage performance is excellent. At the same time of high flow transportation, the conveying material will not leak, and the work is reliable.

Product Advantage


   QBY3-80P                                          QBY3-80Q

◼The diaphragm separates the conveying material from the moving parts of the pump to avoid leakage and extend the service life of the equipment.

◼The ingenious design of the pump body without shaft seal makes installation and disassembly easier and reduces enterprise operation and maintenance costs.

◼Multi-material and multi-size selection, selection space is wide. According to different conveying materials, can select suitable pump material for conveying tasks.

◼Suitable for all kinds of fluid transport tasks, can transport fluid containing particles, shear sensitive materials, corrosive media, easy to deposit fluid, etc.