Exhibition Review: GODO PUMPS at the 7th China (Zibo) Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition


On May 14, the three-day 7th China (Zibo) Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition ended successfully in Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibits cover eight sections: chemical products, pump and valve electromechanical equipment, chemical technology equipment, safety and explosion-proof equipment, instrument automation, refrigeration and heat exchange treatment equipment, waste water and waste gas environmental protection treatment technology, packaging and storage and transportation equipment.


As the head brand of domestic diaphragm pump industry, GODO PUMPS, with its new energy lithium battery special pump, large flow diaphragm pump, sand mill special pump, mine pneumatic diaphragm pump, Q/DBY3 series diaphragm pump, filter press feeding system, factory scavenger series and other new and old equipment, appeared in this exhibition, to show the new industrial design concept of domestic transport pump to the exhibitors, bringing domestic diaphragm pump innovative transportation solutions for the chemical industry, to help customers solve the problem of chemical material transportation.

The special pump for sand mill is specially developed for the use of the sand mill. It has a unique modular structure and no shaft seal design, which can easily complete the task of conveying powder and granular materials. In less than three hours on the first day of the exhibition, the on-site transaction was reached, and the customer took it directly. It is expected that the demand for the equipment is hundreds.

zibo chemical exhibition-10 

A&O special pump for sand mill has four core advantages, comprehensively strengthen the operating condition of the equipment:

  • The flow rate is larger, and the performance of the pump is improved by 15% than ordinary diaphragm pump;
  • Modular construction, more convenient maintenance;
  • Low pressure start, more safe and reliable;
  • The new diaphragm is more wear-resistant and its service life is significantly extended.

zibo chemical exhibition-11 

This exhibition has attracted 81,264 professional visitors. In the three consecutive days of busy customer reception, GODO PUMPS has not only got the opportunity to learn and exchange, but also found business opportunities. We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to every friend who came to the exhibition.

With the end of this exhibition, a new journey will be opened! GODO PUMPS would like to meet you on May 24th, the 25th Dalian International Machine Tool Exhibition, booth No. E141!