Industrial Equipment Cleaning


After a long time of operation, industrial equipment will produce dirt and scaling, which seriously affects the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment. Mr. Xu runs an industrial equipment cleaning company, specializing in laying cleaning pipes and providing cleaning service for some complex industrial equipment, such as reaction reactors, heat exchangers, crystallizers and so on.

Traditional cleaning methods have many shortcomings, such as low efficiency of manual cleaning, spray cleaning is often not thoroughly cleaned and there are security risks, and laid cleaning pipeline has many narrow gaps. Mr. Xu urgently needs a new equipment power source to improve the cleaning efficiency and effect.

Mr. Xu decided to use a diaphragm pump as the driving device for the cleaning agent in the pipeline. On August 15, the technical team of GODO PUMPS was invited to Mr. Xu's factory to learn about the structural characteristics and cleaning requirements of the equipment from Mr. Xu, and conduct a comprehensive inspection and analysis of the site working conditions.


Through field investigation, we found that although the ordinary diaphragm pump has a constant flow rate and stable operating performance, the outlet pressure can not meet the on-site cleaning requirements, so the technical team of GODO PUMPS customized industrial equipment cleaning agent transportation solution for Mr. Xu - GODO large flow diaphragm pump BFQ series, in addition to the advantages of stable operation of the diaphragm pump and no leakage of the delivery seal, the single outlet pressure as a drive source can reach 8.4 kg!

The powerful air source power delivers the cleaning agent to every corner of the pipeline, thoroughly cleaning dirt and scaling, not only improving the safety and efficiency of the whole cleaning process, but also saving labor costs and cleaning time for enterprises, and improving production efficiency and product quality.


By using diaphragm pump as the driving source of industrial equipment cleaning, Mr. Xu successfully solved the problem of pipeline cleaning, improved the cleaning efficiency, and extended the service life of enterprise industrial equipment.

In the future, with the increasing types of industrial equipment and the continuous improvement of cleaning requirements, the diaphragm pump application in the industrial equipment cleaning will be more widely, and is expected to become a mainstream equipment cleaning technology.

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