Waste Cutting Fluid Purification



In the process of modern machining, the treatment of waste cutting fluid is always a big problem that restricts the rapid development of enterprises. How to deal with these waste cutting fluids efficiently, environmentally friendly and economically is a topic that all machining enterprises can not get around.

Field Working Condition


1. Cutting fluid changes frequently. Eight machine tools each need to carry out 2 to 3 times a year cutting fluid replacement work.

2. Changing cutting fluid is cumbersome. Each replacement requires the bottom of the machine tool to be completely disassembled, time-consuming and labor-consuming, seriously slowing down the efficiency of the enterprise.

3. The field working environment is dirty and messy. In the process of manual replacement, not only the cutting fluid often leaks, which is wasted, but also the odor of ozone is accompanied by the site, which causes hidden dangers to the personal safety of operators.



Factory Scavenger Series Cutting Fluid Purification Device

According to the characteristics of waste cutting fluid treatment in machining enterprises, GODO PUMPS has developed professional purification equipment - factory scavenger series GDQX cutting fluid purification device, which integrates physical, chemical and biological treatment methods, and is an excellent choice for machining enterprises to deal with waste cutting fluid.


GDQX Cutting Fluid Purification Device


◼The inlet of the cutting fluid purification device is connected with a pipeline and a floating ball, which perfectly passes through the small groove reserved by the customer.


◼When the waste cutting fluid needs to be replaced, just start the equipment to automatically start purification, do not need to disassemble the machine tools, farewell to the "difficult cutting fluid replacement" trouble.


After purification, the oil and water separation has no residue, ozone sterilization, corrosion and deodorization, which fully meets customer expectations. The reuse of waste cutting fluid saves costs for enterprises.


Purification Condition Real Shooting


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