Acid Material Transportation

Acid Material


Acid materials are often corrosive, the pump in long-term contact with acid materials, will be subject to different degrees of erosion, resulting in pump damage or material leakage, leakage of strong acid materials will even threaten the safety of personnel and property.

Therefore, the transportation of acid materials requires both efficient equipment and stable and reliable equipment.


Large flow pneumatic diaphragm pump + The third generation pneumatic diaphragm pump

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  BFQ-40S                             BFQ-40F                   QBY3-25AF

Large flow diaphragm pump and the third generation diaphragm pump are widely used in chemical industry, surface treatment, casting, sewage treatment and other industries, and can quickly adapt to harsh conditions.

The numerous design features of the pump in this scheme make it ideal for transporting corrosive materials.

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Wide selection space. According to the flow and material characteristics of different process segments in the project, the large flow pump can meet the transportation needs of different process segments;


Pump body is strong and corrosion-resistant. PVDF material is resistant to strong acid and alkali, and can easily complete the transportation task of highly corrosive materials;

Engineering plastic material is resistant to common acid and alkali, has high cost performance;


Stable working condition without leakage. The diaphragm completely separates the material from the moving parts, which can effectively prevent material leakage and facilitate the equipment to run without fault for a long time.