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Latest Position
  • Pre-sales engineer
    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Analyze the intentional resources provided by the company, communicate with customers through telephone, network, invitation and interview, etc., to find sales opportunities; (based on telemarketing, Personalized talk with customers)


    2. Business negotiations with customers on behalf of the company;


    3. Establish a good relationship with customers and effectively maintain the company's image;


    4. Develop new customers and maintain old customers. Company product: Godo diaphragm pump (fluid machinery, independent research and development brand)


    Job Requirements:

    1. Proficiency in using Word, Excel and other tools to edit documents and tables


    2. Proficiency in using chat tools such as WeChat and QQ


    3. Typing speed: more than 20 words per minute


    4. The language expression is smooth and fluent, reaching the second level of Putonghua level A


    5. Possess a certain learning ability, marketing, machinery, and chemical engineering are preferred


    6. Be positive and optimistic without complaining


    7. At the age of 18-25, we hope to cultivate young people with ideas and seek common cause