Customer Case: Economic Replacement Pump BFD series Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump



Customer Working Condition

BFD series Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump-1 

Industrial sewage treatment has become an important topic of sustainable development of human society. This time, the technical team of GODO PUMPS came to Jiangsu to bring efficient solutions for the park's sewage treatment.

In this working condition site, the transfer pump is used for sewage pumping and treatment in the park, involving precipitation, filtration, pressure filtration and other process sections, which plays a very important role in the whole process.

However, due to the early laying of internal pipelines in the park, and a number of new process lines were added due to the subsequent production needs, made the pumps used in the high pressure condition sometimes break down, and the maintenance work was constant.

GODO PUMPS Sewage Transport Scheme

    BFD series Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump-2 

BFD-80S Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump

BFD series Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump-3 

The sewage transport involves a number of process sections, large flow diaphragm pump can be self-suction, dry operation, and the diaphragm separates the sewage from the transmission machinery, to avoid sewage leakage, to ensure the stability and reliability of the transfer pump in the work.

Compared with the pump originally used in the park, our plastic material pump not only has a relatively low purchase cost, but also can effectively prevent the pump body from being eroded by sewage in different process sections.

Its simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and the design without shaft seal prolong the service life of the large flow diaphragm pump and reduce the trouble of operation and maintenance.

With the super passage performance of 9.4mm, the large flow diaphragm pump can easily complete the transport task of solid fluid, mud-water mixture and other sewage which is highly abrasive to equipment, or containing easy to deposit particles.


BFD series Large Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump-4

In the implementation process of this scheme, BFD-80S has a stable performance and higher efficiency than the original conveying equipment in the park. The customer has put a new batch of large flow diaphragm pump procurement plan on the agenda.