How do pneumatic diaphragm pumps help to transfer Chemical Raw Material for the chemical industry?



Chemical industry permeates every aspect, its development speed and scale has a direct impact on every aspect of social economy. An efficient transportation scheme for chemical raw materials is an effective means to improve the working efficiency of various chemical enterprises.

Transportation Difficulty

This transportation scheme takes a chemical enterprise as an example, which is facing the following problems in the current transportation work:

1. The chemical raw materials transported, such as amino acid, are corrosive, and the material viscosity is different, which has higher requirements for the corrosion resistance of the pump.

2. In this conveying task, the customer hopes that the conveying flow will be larger, and the conveying capacity can be adjusted.

3. The whole conveying process needs to be more gentle, in order to avoid conveying shear force to heat the material, resulting in safety accidents.

 GODO PUMPS Transportation Scheme

chemical raw material transportation-2 

chemical raw material transportation-3 

DBY3-80 Fluorine Plastic Material + Augmented Variable Frequency Motor + Pulse Damper

The pump body made of fluorine plastic can complete the conveying task of corrosive materials very well.

The augmented variable frequency motor can adjust the flow according to the actual working conditions while ensuring the larger conveying flow.

Pulse dampers make the whole conveying process smoother.

Installation Site Real Shooting

chemical raw material transportation-4 

chemical raw material transportation-5 


After a week of practical trial, the customer was satisfied with the field performance of the scheme and the whole production line was adapted. The transportation scheme of GODO PUMPS successfully meets the transportation needs of the customer.