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The 27th China International Coating Exhibition - Guangzhou Coating Exhibition (CHINACOAT) has come to a successful end. The conveying equipment such as spraying pump, powder pump and intelligent filling system exhibited by GODO PUMPS in this exhibition have aroused great interest of participating customers.

Lively GODO PUMPS Booth

On the first day of the exhibition, GODO PUMPS booth received more than 1000 people, and the total number of customers received in three days was more than 3000 people. Many coating industry customers in the field after seeing the equipment display, expressed a strong willingness to cooperate. With the help of our sales staff, there are many customers on the spot to complete the selection and order.

Star Product at the Exhibition

In recent years, GODO PUMPS has been concerned about the development and innovation of the paint industry, around the industry demand, grinding more excellent products.

Especially the BGZ series intelligent filling system, every field demonstration has attracted a large number of customers in the paint industry stop to learn, to bring customers a new paint filling experience.

Optimized Conveying Scheme of High Viscosity Material

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For the coating industry, how to efficiently and stably transport high viscosity materials, is always the most concerned issue of the industry. BGZ series intelligent filling machine is designed for automatic filling of all kinds of barrel materials, the complete set of equipment is intelligent and simple to operate, is the ideal filling machine for coating, paint, water agent, emulsion, edible oil, lubricating oil and other materials.

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Four Characteristic Functions

◼ One setting, automatic filling

Click Start after the first setting, and then fill automatically, without clicking Start again. After setting, place an empty barrel and filled. After filling, place a new barrel and the second barrel is automatically filled.

◼ Intelligent recognition, automatic stop

Bucket weight and bucket weight deviation can be set. For example, if the weight of the barrel is 1000g and the deviation is 10g, the barrel between 990 and 1010g can be identified. If the weight is not within this range, the filling will not be carried out.

◼ Flow regulation, free control

Filling speed can be adjusted.

◼ Precision filling reduces waste

Filling error is within ±10g.


GODO PUMPS on China Coat-14 

GODO PUMPS would like to express many thanks to all the customers from home and abroad who came to visit and consult the exhibition site. At the same time, we sincerely invite you to visit our booth with hot-selling products displayed at Water Philippines (H19, HALL2, SMX Convention Center)from March 22nd to 24th. Look forward to meeting you at that time!

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