Customer Case - Seawater transfer



This selection scheme is analyzed by a case of seawater transportation on an ocean-going ship.

Customer selection requirements

◼ Conveying material: seawater.

◼ Material characteristics: high salinity, containing a large amount of sodium chloride, organic matter and trace elements.

◼ Equipment requirement: corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not reacting with sodium chloride.

◼ Head requirement: vertical 60 meters.

◼ Suction range requirement: horizontal 5 meters.

◼ Required material: 316L stainless steel.

Conveying material analysis

Seawater is a very complex multi-component aqueous solution. The seawater transport on the ship can choose stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, and fluorine plastic. According to the characteristics of high salinity of seawater, it has stable chemical properties, not easy to react with various elements in seawater, and has strong corrosion resistance.

And the pump on the ship is accompanied by the length of the ocean time, there are many knocks and collisions, so the solid and durable material of the pump body should also be taken into consideration.

Pump body material analysis

 Stainless steel 304, 316L:

It has good resistance to chloride corrosion, and its own strong and durable, adapt to the complex working conditions on the ship, and is widely used in seawater transportation on the ship.

Fluorine plastic:

The PH value of the surface seawater is 8.1-8.3, which is weakly alkaline. The fluorine plastic material is also perfectly competent for the transportation work, and can greatly save the cost.

Recommended models

According to the customer's suction and head requirements, combined with seawater characteristics and working conditions, BFQ-80P316L and BFQ-80F are recommended.


BFQ-80P316L with stainless steel 316L pump body.

 Work stability, strong performance.

 Dry operation, empty operation.

 Simple operation, easy maintenance.

 High head, high suction height, corrosion resistance to seawater.

 No dynamic seal design, no leakage.

 Stainless steel pump body is solid and durable, suitable for ocean-going work.

 Easy to move, can be scheduled at any time due to the field conditions.


BFQ-80F with fluorine plastic pump body

 Strong performance, low cost.

 Self priming start, idling allowed.

 Sealed and explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

 No need to use electricity, easy to move.

 Simple disassembly, convenient maintenance.

 Seawater corrosion resistance, greatly reducing costs.