GODO PUMPS 2022 Phase 1 Junior Marketer Examination was successfully completed!



The first phase of the GODO PUMPS 2022 Junior Marketers Examination was completed successfully on which 42 marketing staff took part. The examination covered all aspects of business process, marketing skills and product knowledge. Those who pass the examination can obtain the vocational skills certificate issued by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, which can be checked on the national Internet, and can enjoy the talent subsidy policy.

Since 2021, GODO PUMPS has been granted the designation of "Vocational Skill Level Pilot Unit" to conduct regular technical training on all positions. This examination serves as a test of the knowledge acquired by our staff and provides the basis for further targeted training programs, thus laying a solid foundation for further business development.


In order to ensure the smooth progress of the examination, the colleagues of the human resources Department of the company prepared in advance, arranged the examination room, organized the publicity and other work.

During the examination process, invigilators strictly implement the invigilation system, adhering to the principles of fairness, justice, openness and transparency, strictly control every detail of the examination, and do a good job in the sealing, counting and recycling of the examination papers. The reference staff had a good attitude, full of confidence, and worked hard to complete the examination in a good mental state.


Through this examination, not only enriched the marketing personnel's theoretical knowledge, but also accumulated the market practical experience. In the future, GODO PUMPS intends to continuously strengthen the training of our marketing partners, focus on practice and sharing of results, and fully build a highly professional marketing team.

Good luck for everyone!