How to make sewage treatment easiler?



Water treatment industry refers to the industrial chain composed of raw water, water supply, water saving, drainage, sewage treatment and water resource recycling and utilization, which is mainly composed of water supply and sewage treatment, and is one of the most important urban basic service industries.

Conveying equipment is a very important link in the whole water treatment process, and it often faces a variety of problems and challenges.

Common methods of water treatment

Modern water treatment technology is often divided into:

◼Primary treatment (mainly physicochemical method)

◼Secondary treatment (mainly biochemical method)

◼Tertiary treatment (advanced treatment)

Due to a large number of impurities in the water, the above methods are often needed to be integrated in the actual working conditions in order to meet the discharge standards.

Industrial wastewater treatment problems

Industrial sewage composition is complex, containing a large number of organic matter and other harmful substances, and a wide variety of impurities, often containing long fiber, a variety of solid substances and microorganisms and bacteria, general transportation equipment in practical applications often face the problem of blockage, abrasion and so on. Due to the special application environment, once the fault, the maintenance is complicated and high maintenance cost.

In the process of industrial wastewater treatment, a stable, reliable and efficient transfer pump is very important.

QBY3 Series Pumps Used in Industrial Wastewater Treatment


QBY3 series pneumatic diaphragm pump can be widely used in a variety of fluids, can transfer the fluid containing solid particles, shear sensitive media, and abrasive, corrosive or containing easy deposition particles of the fluid. Good sealing, not easy to leak, easy to move, save operation and maintenance costs, adapt to complex working conditions. At the same time provide a wide range of optional material, it is the perfect choice for industrial wastewater treatment.

Product Highlights

Strong conveying performance

◼Passable particle diameter: 1.5mm~9.4mm.

◼Conveying liquid viscosity: less than 10,000 cps.

Reliable working performance

◼Self-priming start, dry operation, empty operation, low material shear.

◼Adjustable air pressure to meet different flow requirements.

Easy to use and maintain

◼Simple disassembly and easy maintenance.

◼Convenient movement, adapted to complex working conditions, reduced operation and maintenance cost.

Ensure operation safety

◼Automatic shutdown for overloaded operation; Automatically start when the load returns to normal.

◼The diaphragm separates the medium from the moving parts to prevent leakage.

◼It does not require electricity and can be used in complex working conditions.

Combined with the above advantages, QBY3 series pump is the ideal conveying equipment for industrial wastewater treatment!

Material Selection



A sound ecological environment is an inherent requirement for achieving sustainable global environmental development and an important basis for building a beautiful earth. At present, pollution problems in key areas and industries are still prominent.

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