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Service Content

The company has established a relatively sound marketing service system: a total of 30 domestic and foreign branches have been established to provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales support, so that you can buy with confidence and use it with satisfaction.


pre-sale service:

Professionals at all levels such as sales consultants, technical engineers, sales managers, etc. provide active, fast, comprehensive and meticulous services, including product selection, program consulting, professional fluid delivery program customization, personalized matching program customization, engineering program customization, etc. , Think about the needs of customers, and provide them for the needs of customers.


In-sale service:

During the period from the signing of the contract to the confirmation of the receipt, the professional service personnel will follow up and advance, and strive to deliver each batch of goods to the customer on time, with quality and quantity.


After-sales service:

1. The 400 service hotline is opened;

2. A professional engineer answers inquiries and answers quickly;

3. Product tracking service;

4. Product service deadline reminder service;

5. Recall service;

6. Repair and replacement services;

7. Product accessories library;

8. Customer file database 

A professional diaphragm pump service provider, attentively serves every customer.