The golden age of filling equipment companies officially opened



Filling equipment includes liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, granular filling machine, powder filling machine and other applications in many fields. Different types of products are divided into multiple models in detail, and technology continues to improve. , The filling equipment of each sub-field has made great progress.


 In the process of pharmaceutical packaging, filling equipment is indispensable. The medical and pharmaceutical industry has entered a golden era of development, and related filling equipment will also welcome huge development opportunities. The development of filling equipment can guarantee the low cost, high quality, multi-variety, high efficiency, and high environmental protection of the packaged products. It provides mature technical equipment for the packaging industry and brings great benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.


 Some domestic companies are also accelerating their deployment in the field of borosilicate medicinal glass. The products can be used for the packaging of biological products, blood products, freeze-dried preparations, vaccines and other medicines. In the past, my country’s halogenated butyl rubber basically relied on imports. Now it has ushered in new development opportunities. The production capacity of domestic enterprises has been gradually released. For example, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass is one of the few domestic companies that can provide a complete set of "bottle + stopper + lid" for pharmaceutical companies. "Medicine packaging material service companies are also the largest production base for pharmaceutical glass packaging products and butyl rubber stoppers in Asia. Some companies such as Dawn Co., Ltd. and China Guangdong Nuclear Technology are also actively developing the production capacity of halogenated butyl rubber.


 Nowadays, the domestic ophthalmology market is gradually expanding. The widespread use of electronic products, improper use of eyes, and the aging population have caused the incidence of various eye diseases to continue to rise, the number of patients continues to increase, and the demand for ophthalmic drugs has also continued to grow. A pharmaceutical company said that the high-speed filling line for eye drops produced by its company was officially put into commercial production, which has increased the current production speed by nearly 6 times. At the same time, it plans to build a large-scale ophthalmic pharmaceutical base of the towering group worldwide in the Suzhou Industrial Park. , Supporting the production capacity of 1 billion medicines.


 Now my country's automatic filling machine has made a huge breakthrough in technology, the production enterprises are becoming more and more standardized, the efficiency has been greatly improved, and the stability of the machine has also been significantly improved. The new generation of automatic filling machines is more intelligent. Whether it is a stand-alone machine or a streamlined production line with other machinery, the domestic automatic filling machine has changed the past problems of low efficiency, high cost and poor stability, and better satisfies the needs of modern enterprises. Production needs.


 The current domestically made automatic paste filling machine has a reasonable design, which can better meet the paste filling demand. Automatic paste filling machine has many advantages, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life, fully automatic operation, no bottle no filling, liquid level can automatically control the feeding, the product is stable and does not drip, and it is in intelligent filling Great progress has been made.


 The automatic eye drops filling machine developed and produced by some enterprises has the advantages of positioning, accurate measurement, protection of the bottle cap, and stable transmission. The research and development of eye drops filling, inner plugging, and outer cap sealing all-in-one machine, the machine adopts disc positioning. Station type, compact structure, small footprint, high production capacity, has become the choice of many eye drops manufacturers, suitable for filling small dose products such as eye drops, red syrup, iodine, etc. Operation, the application of this equipment can make the filling of eye drops more convenient and safer.


 The powder filling machine can realize the production process of high precision, high speed and high qualified rate. The equipped high precision quantitative system can be said to be tailor-made for powder products. The feeding and feeding speed and feeding method can be easily displayed in the operation display. Setting, target value, allowable upper and lower deviation value, upper and lower limit material level, etc. can be set arbitrarily to ensure that the product has a small error and high accuracy.


 With the advancement of packaging technology, medical spray filling equipment has been divided into two categories: one-way filling equipment and two-way filling equipment. One-element packaging refers to the fact that the medicament and propellant gas coexist in the aerosol can without being separated. The two-element packaging realizes that the medicament is contained in the pouch and the propellant is between the pouch and the can body, making the raw materials of the drug and the propellant The agent is completely isolated, making the product safer and more hygienic.